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Legal Notice

By accessing information published on this LLB Swiss Investment AG website ("website") you declare that you have understood and are in agreement with the following conditions.

Links to other Websites

You find automatic links to other websites on this website. If you use such links to other pages outside of this website this is done at your own risk and responsibility. LLB Swiss Investment AG («LSI») does not check the pages linked with the website and assumes no responsibility for their content or the products or services that may be described there. You acknowledge that LLBSI is not subject to any obligations in relation to such pages or links.

Local Legal Restrictions

The following part about financial products contains information and opinions about financial products (e.g. investment funds), which, as the case may be, are subject to registration obligations in different countries. It is not aimed at (natural or legal) persons for which/whom the use or access to the website of LSI 's website would breach the state's legal order due to nationality or domicile/registered office of the person concerned. Such persons are not permitted access to the part with information and opinions about financial products. This applies especially to citizens and/or residents of Great Britain, Japan and USA.

The part about financial products serves to present LSI. Not all described financial products can be obtained or are suitable for persons in all countries (e.g. certain investment funds are only open to institutional investors). Whether a financial product may be offered to one person depends on the statutory and regulatory regulations valid in the respective country.

No Offer

The contents published in the part about financial products constitute neither a recommendation nor an offer to acquire, hold or sell the mentioned financial products or conclude other transactions resp. legal transactions. They may be used exclusively for personal use as well as information purposes, and just like the present important legal notices for financial products, can be amended by LSI without prior notification at any time.

The contents provided in the part about financial products are not recommendations for your investment or other decisions and have no advisory character in any form whatever. However, before an investment in a financial product is effected, for information purposes, the investor should have read through carefully the currently available legal documents as well as all other documents that may be required in accordance with local statutory and regulatory regulations (e.g. prospectus as well as annual and half-yearly report of an investment fund). Especially important is a detailed study of the legal notices and risk notices contained in these. Before an investment decision is taken it is additionally recommended to involve a specialist.

No Warranty

LSI applies the greatest possible care in compiling the contents on the financial products. LSI and its contractual partners assume no warranty or liability to third parties concerning the correctness, topicality and completeness of the published contents. In particular, LSI is not liable for updating the contents resp. removing obsolete contents.

In addition, LSI assumes no responsibility and provides no guarantee that the website's functions with contents on the financial products will not be interrupted or are free from defects, that defects will be remedied or that the website or the respective server are free from viruses or other damaging components and programs.

Exclusion of Liability

Any liability of LSI for the consequences of acts or omissions that are done based on the totality or a part of the information on the website is excluded. In particular any liability of LSI for damage of any kind (based on any legal ground), such as for example lost profit or third party damage or other indirect or direct damage that could arise from the use or based on the information published on this website is excluded

Copyrights and other Rights

The entire content of the website is legally protected. Without LSI's prior authorisation you are not entitled to use this website or parts of it in any manner in particular reproduce the website (in whole or in part), transmit it (by electronic or other means), alter it, or use it for a commercial or public purpose.


If we receive an e-mail and are not expressly instructed otherwise we assume that we are allowed to answer by means of e-mail and also to continue to communicate via e-mail. We use detection technologies against viruses and spam. Nonetheless we likewise recommend you to use virus scanners. You acknowledge that LSI is not subject to any obligations in relation to the e-mail traffic and the content of the e-mails. Any liability of LSI for damage of any kind through e-mails or losses of the same is excluded. We reserve the right to reject e-mails for potentially harmful file attachments.

Data privacy / Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, smartphone or any other end device when you visit certain websites. They are used to enable the functioning of websites or to provide information to the owners of a website or third parties who gain access to data on the website.

The content of the cookie is usually presets selected by the user. However, information can also be stored in cookies - unnoticed by the user - to analyse surfing behaviour. You can set your computer to block all types of cookies. However, this will result in certain areas of the LLB Swiss Investment AG website not functioning properly. How you can block or even delete cookies depends on your internet browser.

The LLB Swiss Investment AG website uses cookies to a) save our users' usage and display settings and thus facilitate their navigation on their next visit; b) save our users' personal data in order to recognise them and save them from having to fill in the form again; c) save our users' investor profile and enable them to confirm any required "disclaimer"; d) record the number of visits and pages viewed as well as user activity on this website. This statistical information allows us to customise our website to the expectations of our users and to improve its functionality and performance.